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A technical annual for the tunnelling industry

tunnelling international

Tunnelling International is a publication by Journals International ltd.
Our goal is to provide yearly reports highlighting technological advances within the tunnelling industry.

For our readers Tunnelling International is an informative link between themselves and companies that are able to provide cutting edge products and services.

For our advertisers, we offer a two tier targeted marketing service.
Tier one being the publication of Tunnelling International which is strictly and individually targeted and distributed FREE of charge to key personnel working within the worlds most prolific and influential tunnelling industry enterprises.
Tier two being our FREE to subscribe to and FREE to download PDF version of Tunnelling International which will be available to a wider audience of personnel working within and on the fringes of the tunnelling industry.

Peter Darling, the Managing Editor of Tunnelling International, has for over 40 years been involved with the tunnelling, mining and drilling industries. Having graduated from Imperial College, he has visited and reported from hundreds of tunnelling sites, and reviewed almost every genre of tunnelling equipment, technique and innovation. Peter Darling is a Chartered Engineer... http://www.peterdarling.co.uk/